Eyelash Extensions
GLO can create a bespoke look to suit your eyes using our variety of beautiful curls and lengths that won’t weigh down your natural lashes.
 Per: Treatment
 Price: from £18



Our Eyelash Extensions in Billericay use individual lash extensions to extend your natural lashes, giving you longer, fuller eye lashes for up to 8 weeks. Often known as classic or individual lashes, this treatment creates a natural, flawless eye look and is the perfect treatment for anyone wanting to add depth and length to their natural lashes. Whether you want natural, glam, or just a little boost, your GLO lash artist can create a bespoke look to suit your eyes using our variety of beautiful curls and lengths that won’t weigh down your natural lashes. This treatment will transform your beauty routine.


Party Lashes (last 1-2 days) £18

Give us fifteen minutes of your time and we’ll give you a whole day of daring glances. These strips simply peel off when the party’s over!


Classic Lashes Full Set £60

This treatment is  a 1-on-1 technique to apply one individual lash extension onto one of your natural lashes, resulting in beautiful sets of semi-permanent lashes. Our individual lashes come in a range of lengths, curls and weights so your lash artist can create customisable looks that are tailored to your unique eye shape and the results will look authentic and natural. You’ll have a consultation to determine what bespoke looks they can create for you and once your treatment begins, you can relax whilst your lash artist transforms your lashes.


Russian Volume Lashes £80

If your motto is ‘the bigger, the better’ then Russian Volume is for you! Fans are created and applied to each lash, but instead of 3 lashes to each fan, this technique creates up to 8, resulting in exactly what it says on the tin- Volume! Like all our lash extension treatments, each set is customised to your taste. Fullness, density and desired length will all be discussed with your technician beforehand, to ensure you get the exact look you have in mind. Due to the meticulous application and number of lashes used during a set of Russian Volume lashes, the treatment time can range from 90-120 minutes for your eyelash extensions in Billericay.


Hybrid Lashes £75

A Hybrid lash treatment is a combination of two techniques: Volume (SVS or Russian) and Individual lash extensions. Taking the best bits from both treatments, Hybrid Lashes will give you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look that last for up to 8 weeks. While the volume fans create the fullness, classic lash extensions are used to add length and break up the uniform, linear silhouette that a more classic Russian Volume application creates. Driven by celebrities such as the Kardashians, this popular lash treatment is perfect for anyone who wants bespoke lashes with the definition of a classic Extend treatment but with added depth and volume.


Infills 30 mins £25

A full set of lash extensions will look great for the first few weeks, but as a result of the lash life cycle and general wear and tear (particularly those who sleep on their lashes), lashes will start to lose their pristine look. Infills are a necessity for anyone who wants to touch up and maintain their lashes for a full 6-8 weeks.


Infills 45 mins £35

The average person has between 90-120 natural lashes per upper eyelid, and when you take into account that on average we will naturally shed 2-5 lashes per day, we lose a lot of lashes over the course of a month.


Infills 60 mins £45

We recommend that our clients to book a lash infill appointment 2-3 weeks after your initial appointment.


Lash Aftercare

Keep lashes dry for 24 hours following your appointment. Avoid use of oily products and brush through regularly.


Patch test is required before any lash treatment.


To book your Eyelash Extensions in Billericay at GLO Beauty Spa, Essex or to find out more about this or any other treatment, please feel free to call us on 01277 658112.